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Chaohu Tianyu Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in fishing tackle sales, heald wire, finished fishing nets, qualitative fishing net production and sales, self-employed and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies.At present, our company has applied for and authorized 12 utility model patents, 16 invention patents have entered the stage of substantive examination, and several invention patents have been accepted.

The patent applied for by our company's R&D application has a strong technical support role for our company's products, mainly in the technical support of the company's high-strength deep-sea fishing net technology, which provides the ratio of raw materials, preparation process, automatic machining, etc. Our company's high-tech products, high-strength deep-sea fishing nets are welcomed by the market and users for their high quality, high toughness, and lure-fishing characteristics, resulting in good economic and social benefits. My company has established an independent research and development center, and equipped with a sound management system and related facilities and equipment, the main production of fishing nets fishing gear, fishing gear, fishing nets and various specifications of the color of the finished network.