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What is the nylon monofilament? Properties of nylo

What is the nylon monofilament? Nylon monofilament is a synthetic filament made of adipic acid and hexadiamine or caprolactam through condensation polymerization and melt spinning.

Properties of nylon monofilament:

Nylon monofilament has high strength, good elasticity, heat resistance and poor sun fastness. Nylon monofilament, with a diameter of 0.1~2mm, large diameter and poor performance, can be used only as fishing line, string, rope, racket material, etc.; small diameter, can be used to weave women's stockings, pantyhose, gauze, filter net, screen, stage curtain, etc.; a medium diameter can be used to separate yarns or socks. A separate column in a child. As a woven or knitted raw material, nylon filament is widely used. However, nylon fibers are not suitable for sunlight exposure because of their poor sun and light resistance.

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