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The necessity of cultural construction of fishing

The enterprise culture is the environment of a fishing gear enterprise, the values of the enterprise, the conduct of the enterprise and so on. It is the soul and pillar of the fishing gear enterprise. It has the guiding function, the cohesive function, the standard function, the incentive function and the adjustment function. "First class enterprises catch culture, second rate enterprises grasp management, and three streams of enterprises catch production". Fishing enterprises without culture are not far away. The creation of excellent corporate culture can stimulate the initiative of the staff, enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen the cohesiveness of the fishing gear enterprises, enhance the loyalty of the employees, and build the fishing gear enterprises into a united and fighting team.

At the same time, heavy culture is the development trend of modern fishing tackle enterprises, and is the demand of consumers for fishing tackle enterprises. China has gradually formed its own characteristic consumer market, and the cultural implication of products has attracted more and more attention from consumers. Only by having its own characteristic corporate culture can we produce products with strong cultural connotation, so as to adapt to the development of the market. Cultivating enterprise culture with its own characteristics and building a culture oriented enterprise is very important for the optimization and upgrading of enterprises. Practice has proved that corporate culture is the guiding criterion for the development of modern fishing tackle enterprises.

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